Thursday, January 31, 2013

Nombor Empat Puluh Dua : Bangkok [P3]

*pardon my English. I am trying to improve myself here.

We reached Bangkok city around 6 and it was raining cats and dogs! The van stopped at Victory Monument and we quickly took out the raincoats and walked to the BTS Victory Monument station. It was weekend, packed with the locals/travellers, raining and we had to walk with our backpack. It was damn tiring but we had to go through it. This time we were heading to Saphai Pae Hostel in Silom area. (THB300/RM30/night/person).  I booked the hostel before we were heading to Ayutthaya.

We reached Saphai Pae around 8pm, checked-in and was given the access card. Both Adila and I were at Level 1 which is for female only dorms. Keri was at Level 4 or 5 for mix dorm. The dorm was SUPERB! Will tell you why later :D

After freshen up, we decided to look for our dinner. It was a tiring day but we were damn hungry! Still raining and the tuktuk guy offered to bring us to halal resto/stall with THB40/RM4. We agreed and hope on the tuktuk. I still prefer the tuktuk in Ayutthaya, they are cuter. Hehe.

The driver brought us to a fancy resto and we felt uncomfortable. When we went through the menu, they served pork! We did not wish to make a big fuss of it. we just paid the tuktuk guy and ask him to leave. 

We walked and decided to have dinner at KFC *facepalm*

It was around 11pm and we just walked around and saw a pasar malam there. Without having any idea, we just strolled along pasar malam. Then we saw girls with 2-pieces undergarments. Ehem. It was Patpong area! Just go google what is Patpong all about :P

Patpong, reminds me of my 2 abangs. Hi Fareq & Don! :p

I wish i bought it, now only regret geez!

It was such a veeeeeeeeeeery long day for us and we went back to the hostel and had a very deep sleep on such a comfy bed and the duvet. The duvet is to die for! So heave yet so fluffy. Reminds me of cotton candy, I dont know why.

Every bed had their own bed-lamp, power plug and a card slot. You need to slot in your access card to use the power plug and the bed-lamp. So cool for a hostel. And the bed. And the duvet. Feels like sleeping in a royal bunkbed. LOL.

The Duvet, so fluffy I'm gonna dieeeee!
The dorm

The lobby 
It was Sunday and to Chatuchak we go! We checked out without knowing where to sleep that night, no hostel been booked yet, and trying our luck later walk-in to any hostel. Left our backpacks at the counter and off to Chatuchak.

It was damn crowded and busy place with sooooooooooo many cheap things that can make you go crazy! :p Feels like buying this and that but I was on a really tight budget, even the things there were so cheap cheap cheap I tell you!

Cute colourful lights

How to look awesome :p

1pm and we were starving. I remembered reading a blog and it said there is a halal stall inside Chatuchak. We found it and ordered chai yen (teh ais), beef fried rice, somtam and mango sticky rice as dessert. The food just so-so, good enough to feed our tummy. AND ALL OF THEM COST US THB600/RM60 FOR GOD SAKE!! I swear it was a stall, not even a restaurant! SERIOUSLY, SAMAN ISLAM IS NOT RECOMMENDED AT ALL!We had our dinner before at Terminal 21 with good ambiance, aircond and good food that just cost us half the price. Just go eat outside, it was too expensive since it was the only halal stall if I am not mistaken. Just dont go and eat there and save your money for other things, mmkay?


The busy Chatuchak
Chocolate coated frozen banana is highly recommended! So good! 

We explored Chatuchak without realizing it's almost their closing time. Chatuchak market only open during weekends until 6pm. Like, seriously 6pm.

Then we realized that we had not decide on where to sleep that night. So many distractions in Chatuchak until we totally forgot about our beds later. I think that we should probably go back to De Talak since we were missing the homey feeling there! Trying our luck calling the hostel (thank God I took their name card before) and voila, there were rooms for us! Yeay!

Went back to Saphai Pae, took our backpacks and headed up to De Talak. Kinda happy to think that we were on our way back to De Talak, macam balik kampung! :p

On our way to De Talak, I dont have any idea why we were talking about learning basic French. But that was our main topic on the whole journey back to De Talak. Once we checked in, Keri whatsapp-ed me "Dormate aku French!" and I was like ...............speechless. They invited us to lepak with them at the terrace, how can I say no? I was trying hard to remember few basic French phrases from my berkarat memory, it was almost 4-5 years since I left my French classes.

 And I never thought that I am going to enjoy talking to strangers! They are a bunch of awesome people! :D
We had a good laugh that night, thanks to Google Translate :P

Alex, Aurelia, Poulo & Chyntia. Next to Adila is Anna from Philippines.

Say hello to Damien hihi

This was the 1st time Alex taste a honeydew  :O

Creepy, much? 

Let's learn basic Thai!

We dozzed off around 2am with not a single plan for tomorrow (yet).

.to be continued (again).

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Nombor Empat Puluh Satu



New adventure..SOON!

/tiup habuk dalam purse


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Nombor Empat Puluh : Ayutthaya [P2]

*pardon my English. I am trying to improve myself here.

..from Bangkok/Ayutthaya P1 (long post ahead!)

We agreed to join the sunset tour along Chao Phraya river. The tour starts around 4pm, we were fetched by a tuktuk in front of the guesthouse. Later, we reached a small jetty and a sampan already waited for us. And it's only 3 of us, excluding the tukang bawak sampan lah.

Enjoying the tuktuk ride


The view

The 1st wat/temple we visited 

One of the docks.

I couldn't remember the name of the 1st wat (temple) that we visited (actually most of them, I forgot where did I put the map). But when we were there, there was sort of a kenduri for the homeless. They were lots of em, i tell you! And the good thing is, they never try to kacau us and minding their own things.

err anyone care to translate it?


I love the details to the max!

Photo bomber spotted!

Along the river

Most of the houses got their own dock, coolness! 

The tour ended almost around 7pm. The boat driver was so nice (walaupun dia gelakkan aku menjerit-jerit nak naik boat yang teroleng-oleng tu) but he can't speak English. Too bad. 

Since we were already hungry from our light lunch, we decided to try the pasar malam there as suggested by the guesthouse owner. Luckily the pasar malam was only a walking distance from the dock. We walked there and quickly scanned for halal food. And it was a surprise seeing that there were quite a lot of halal stall selling halal food, so yeay! But mind you, there is a lot of dogs straying in the pasar malam. I said it, A LOT! So, just be extra careful if you have to. HAHA

We were having quite a hard time to decide on the menu. Since Khairi is allergic to seafood (except for the fresh from the sea, geez!), so we should figured out the menu properly. 

This is fried mussels w/ eggs. Wanted to try this, but never had a chance since terlupa already Y_Y

Few hours before "the incident" 
We were enjoying the dinner and had a good talk until it was raining heavily. It was around 8pm+ at that time and we decided to go back to the guesthouse by tuktuk. It costs us THB50/RM5 journey. Quite cheap for a 15mins ride in the heavy rain.

W/ our RM5 raincoat from Daiso. Sungguh berjasa. HAHA
 After taking a good shower in a creepy bathroom and solat, Khairi suggested that we went to the bar next door since we heard a live band performance from the room. We went there and asked for Coke. While trying to enjoy good music, suddenly Khairi felt uncomfortable. We paid and rushed back to the guesthouse. I thought everything was normal and we were going to lepak at the lobby. So, I decided to wear a sarong and went downstairs. And.. I saw Khairi went straight to the sink and puked, A LOT! I was freaked out and tried hard to figure out on what to do. He accidently ate a mussel in the tomyam from the dinner before. No, it's not a normal puke. Both Adila and I tried everything we can to help him. I gave him the meds that I brought, but he was still puking. He went upstairs to try his luck with sleeping while we were downstairs studied Ayutthaya map to find the nearest clinics or hospital. It was around 1230am. But Khairi was still puking. So we need to hurry! Adila went back and forth to the shop opposite the guesthouse, even to the bar next door asking for help while I stayed to help Khairi. If only I let her stayed, I pengsan already handling 2 puking machines :P

Luckily, the guy from the bar agreed to help us to call tuktuk to come and fetch us! (oh, and he's cute too! :p) And i asked Dila to go to the hospital with Khairi since I was wearing a sarong! Adila insisted me to go together since she's worried that I'll be alone at the guesthouse. When I decided to go and change my sarong , the tuktuk was already there! So, no choices were given to me. I jumped in the tuktuk wearing a sarong, guys! Geez, what an experience!

I think this is the emergency room

After the jab.


The after incident. The orange cap bottle is their kind of vitagen and it's halal.
It's thicker and CHEAPER than our vitagen!

Then, we headed back to the guest house and I had a really deep sleep.

The next morning, Khairi was a lot better then we continued our journey, yeay! Since we had such a short time to spend in Ayutthaya, we decided to book for a tuktuk. The tour was THB150/RM15/hour/person. So, we had 3 hours to explore Ayutthaya. We checked out and left our backpacks at the next door bar then off to jalan-jalan!

Hey, it's Najwa Latip Adila!

The best-est THB20/RM2 in Ayutthaya, coconut ice-cream! *lick the  screen now*

Like a painting

After the tour, we rushed back to pickup our bags since we are heading back to Bangkok. We asked the tuktuk driver to drop us at Ayutthaya Floating Market. Weee~

Wel Come ?

My lil sister "ni tempat Running Man!" and I was like "ehemm is it?"

This place is being too commercialized and I don't really like it. It's just that the sampan was attached to the deck and floating shop lots.

It was around 5pm and we decided to leave for Bangkok. We rode on tuktuk to the train station. When we were there, the station was extremely crowded with the locals! We were so tired and tried to look for tickets  to Bangkok but this time we think that we need the seats with number. But they cost us THB250/RM25! Oh damn it! We thinked that it was too expensive but we had no choice.

Right after I bought the tickets, we were approached by a lady and she said suggested us to use her van service to Bangkok with only THB60/RM6 for 1-hour journey! We were so frustrated since we already bought the tickets. Just trying our luck, I tried to sell back the train tickets at the counter and claimed that we wanted to spend another night in Ayutthaya. And I succeeded! Wehoo!

Then off to Bangkok we go!

.to be continued (again).