Tuesday, March 10, 2015

72 : Crossing Cook Strait


When I was working in a hostel back in Dunedin, I met this one cool kid named Will; or William to be exact. He said that I should go Wellington and enjoy the wind there. So I did.

Took the morning ferry from Picton jetty to Wellington, on the day the storm crossing through Aotearoa. After biding farewell to my host in Nelson (she is the nicest, even asked me to come back if anything goes wrong on my way to Welly) and my West-coast travel partners; I took off via Bluebridge ferry.

Boarding pass to return before boarding the bus. The bus will take the ferry passengers from the counter to the ferry.

I was expecting a very small version of ferry compared to the real one. Duhh..

Went outside to check things out.

Gloomiest weather since I first landed in Aotearoa.

So, I boarded on a Santa Regina..

Gloomy and cold.

The neighbour.

Living hall

By the time I reached Wellington after 3 hours journey, Will and his lovely mom were already there waiting for me. I was so lucky because he was in town at that time and this beautiful soul even offered me a spare couch in his parents house for that night. YEAY! We went back home and his lovely mother cook a very nice dinner for me :)

ps : Got inspired to update from this pocketchuboi. Hiks.