Friday, October 11, 2013

67 : To The Land of Long White Clouds

Exactly 5 days left before the journey starts.

I am moving (temporarily/permanently) to the land of the long white clouds.


I was granted a Working Holiday Visa earlier this year. The application will be opened every January, you just need to be quick as only 1150 places are available for Malaysian. Once I settled everything in NZ, I promise to write further about this working holiday scheme and the process. Here's some reading material for you about what am I going to do : CLICK HERE.

At first, I was planning to go for a vacation with a friend. Then it turned out that I applied for visa and it got approved. Mixed feeling and i was asking myself "what the hell am i doing?". And i keep questioning myself, until now. Once, I rejected an offer to further my study in France and now i am doing this. (So funny la you, Hzrh!) (I know.)

Since it was a vacation plan before, my friend and i had to figure things out again. We already bought return tix to Sydney actually, then we decided that we are going to spend 2 days there then fly out to the land of long white clouds. Yeps!

So, too many things to be done before that. Because honestly, I dont have any idea on how long we will be living with our backpacks. The visa is for 6-9 months, but i can make shorter (or longer, depends) if i want. Thats why when people keep asking me how long will i be away, i said I am not sure. It can be shorter, or longer.

I quit my 8-5 job on 28/8/2013. Back to the hometown to prepare few things before I go.

Okay I lied.

 I am gaining weight enjoying delicious food at home :p Up until now, i think 70% of the preparation already sorted out, excluding packing. Yes, it's the hardest part of traveling for me.

In 5 days, I am heading for my once in a lifetime (kot) adventure !


Uh sorry, my English sucks.

Exclude the cursing part. kthxbye.