Thursday, July 30, 2015

73 : Work Exchange in Dunedin


As written in previous post, I would love to share about my experience in doing work exchange / work for accommodation (WFA). Basically, WFA is a NON-PAID job where you work for few hours per day for free accommodation/meals.

I managed to get WFA in Penny's Backpackers Lodge, Dunedin as a receptionist / front desk. It requires me to work 5 hours / day, 4x a week to get 1 week of free accommodation. Easy job : entertain walk-in guests, replying booking emails, answering inquiries and HAVE FUN hahahaha!

It was so much fun since we got to meet lots of travelers from around the world. Sipping my morning coffee in the kitchen while listening to others travel plan of the day was one of the things that I enjoyed the most :)

On a very sunny day, we normally leave the building and walk around the town enjoying the sun and observing people. Or enjoying few scoops of goodness, called ice-cream!

Our $3 of awesome-ness!

Enjoying the sun in front of The Clock Tower with lovely roomates. Room 2 FTW!

Or just watching movies in the living room. HAHA!

We stayed there around a month, we feel like we are living with our extended family. Hence, the family dinner. We cooked and enjoyed the meal together, like a real family. FUNTAIMZ!

I made cekodok ikan bilis for them! (and there was Floyd's legendary lamb curry yo!)

I was glad to be part of Penny's big family. I did return to the hostel and worked in the laundry team before I traveled through the West Coast of South Island.

Home, away from home.

So peeps, try to look for WFA to get new experiences mixing around with locals/travelers if you have any chances. It might be hard at first, but hey; you can absolutely do it! :D