Tuesday, December 15, 2015

75 : Of Public Holiday and MyKad Replacement

Hello everyone!

An unfortunate event happened and my IC is considered as gone case. I was on my way back from KL Sentral to Kelana Jaya station via RapidKL LRT and I used my IC as touchngo as well. While I was pulling out my phone from pocket, something fell off and it went straight to the small gap between the seats and there was no way that I can get it back.

Alighted at Kelana Jaya station and straightly went to the counter to make report. I tried to remember as many info as I can (coach number and the arrival time) because I think it will be a great help. But the staff at the counter did not sound convincing at all when he said "Okay, we will try to find it. For now, go make police report or WHATEVER NECESSARY." Fine.

Came back home and my friend was kind enough to drive me to the nearest police station. In my 26 years living, this is my first time (hopefully the last) lodging a report, Pheww! I took me around 10-15mins to get it done. I was thinking that I need to write the essay/report by myself, but no! lol forgive me!

Since 14/12/2015 was s a public holiday for Selangor peeps (put yo hands up, inc Selangor tumpang like me), I decided to go to nearest JPN office to replace myKad. Googled, and found out that Mini UTC Damai is the most convenient for me. Alighted at RapidKL Damai station and there's a connecting bridge straight to UTC building. How convenient is that? :D

Look at the clouds!
There are a few government agencies inside the building (JPJ/Immigration/JPN), so it can be a bit crowded at certain times, I guess? I went straight to the information counter to get the number. I was asked to present my police report before I get the number. The lady at the counter told me that replacement for missing MyKad will get a penalty of RM110 for the first time. Uhh okay.

The process was smooth, with some funny (i think) little thing happened. I "lost" the small piece of paper for my number and only to find it back like 1/2 hour later, laying on the floor. It was tiring but yes, thing happened. Hehe. Since the new MyKad will be ready in 2 hours, I had a quick trip to KLCC. It's been yonks since I was there hehe

Came back 2 hours later and the new MyKad was ready to be picked up. So, please take a really good care of your IC and never ever lost it! And I bought a separate touchngo card. #lessonlearnt


I just missed sharing things here. Hope this helps!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

74 : Windy Wellington

Hi, its been quite a while aite?

I really really really miss writing but I feel like giving up since my hard disk died on me and most of my NZ pictures were also gone. What's left is just whatever I have in my phone gallery and my dropbox Y__Y

Anyways, after 3 hours journey crossing Cook Straits; I safely arrived the North Island again before the storm making it's way to the South Island (phewww!) Will, my former co-worker back in Dunedin; was already waiting for me when I got down from the ferry, waving at me from far. And..I didn't know that he came with his mom! (Pictures all gone, dangg!) His mom is such a sweetheart, giving me a lift and even offered me a spare couch in her living room for the night.

Magnificent view from Will's crib
 I had a lovely chat with his mom and later, joined by his dad. Will's mom even cooked me a very lovely dinner.

Morning view from my "bed"
Next morning, I was bidding farewell to his mom and headed to the hostel where I booked for about 3 nights, Wellywood Backpackers. We went by foot, and it was actually quite a journey with my heavy backpack hehe Lucky me, Will was there to help me carry my backpack (and his guitar too!) to the nearest train station, Crofton Downs.

Bright sky @ Crofton Down train station

I can't really remember the duration of the journey to city center, maybe it's around half an hour?
Will then brought me to the hostel for check in and he left for his busking session with his mate.

Wellington Railway Station. MAJOR LOVE!

The hostel is so fancy in that zebra design, I know. Pic from google.
After sorting out life everything, I was heading out with no plans and trying to look out for I-sites to get information since the reception looked a lil bit overwhelmed with people at that time. Traveling alone allowed me to take my own sweet time to explore the city, anyways.

To be continued..